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Screensavers of cool 3d worlds

Screensavers - 3d worlds to download and journey thru. Fun and absorbing. The 1-Above-3D download (below) includes the first of these worlds, a concept screensaver called Dominicity by MontyVista. More free worlds can be downloaded from this Web site [screenshot]. Or create 3d screensaver worlds using your own pictures and sounds.

Download 1-Above-3D   [Build 480] [7.2 Mb, run setup.exe after unzipping] released August 5th 2007
Register 1-Above-3D *** only $9

New free worlds published regularly from this Web site
14 day trial period for 1-Above-3D
Platforms: 95/98/NT4sp3/2000/XP/vista etc

[You can visit the ROOMS Web site for a detailed description of the differences between builds 401 and 442, and how the graphics engine is now 4D rather than 3D]

[You can visit the ZoomTopic Web site for a detailed description of the differences between builds 442, 460 and 470]

Unlimited 3d worlds

While 1-Above-3D lets you configure, amend and run any compatible freeware 3D world, if you register for the World Viewer licence, you can additionally run the 3D worlds published for registered "ROOMS" users from the ROOMS 3D Desktops Web site.

Register World Viewer *** only $9 (during preview period)

Create 3d worlds

If you want to create your own 3d worlds from scratch then register for ROOMS Creator. This gives you access to all of ROOMS interactive design tools - no other software necessary. For your own 3d screensaver, this is the business!!!

Register ROOMS Creator *** real value at $39

[1-Above-3D is authorized for ROOMS registrations]


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